Book tour starts

I’m on the road talking about The New Frugality.  Wednesday night I gave a talk at Vroman’s. It’s an independent bookstore in Pasadena. Good questions from the audience. It was nice that Tess Vigeland, Stephan Hoffman and Michelle Philippe from Marketplace showed up. One young woman asked whether being frugal was the new cool. That was her experience with her friends. She called it a “new way of keeping up with the Jones.'” She didn’t mean it sarcastically.  I think its great. Frugality is cool.

Thursday the book reading was at the Hillside Club in Berkeley. The Club is a neat building on a residential street and it reminded me of a Quaker meeting house. The question and answer part of the evening was terrific and it felt as if the audience could have gone all night. I’ll have some pictures to post later. 

So far, the  message is resonating.