Frugality over the weekend

The New York Times Sunday business section had a nice quote on frugality. It was in a storyabout Teve Pharmaceutical Industries, an Israeli company that is now the world’s largest generic drug maker. The quote is from William S. Marth, who run Teva North America. “We’re kibbutzniks,” says Mr. Marth, 55, an Irish Catholic who grew up in Chicago and not on a citrus grove in the Negav. “Frugality doesn’t mean doing less. It means doing as much or more with less.”

The Sunday NYT business section also had a fascinating profile of one of the nation’s largest investors in green technologies: David Gelbaum. He’s also active environmental philanthropist.

Mr. Gelbaum has invested $500 million in clean-tech companies since 2002 through his Quercus Trust, amassing a portfolio of some 40 businesses involved in nearly every aspect of the emerging green economy, be it renewable energy, the smart electric grid, sustainable agriculture, electric cars or biological remediation of oil spills. He has poured almost as much into environmental causes.

Last, there was a book review of  Bill McKibben’s  new book, EAARTH: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet. It’s on order.