Unretirement: How Baby Boomers Are Changing the Way We Think about Work, Community, and the Good Life.

Anyone currently facing or actually embracing retirement—certainly one of life’s landmark events and not necessarily easy to plan for—or anyone interested in new ideas about the future state of the economy will perceive economics journalist Farrell’s new take on retirement as a major shift in how retirement is thought of. His bold treatise, carefully researched and articulately presented and backed by an abiding positive outlook, opens with the not-so-secret fact that the American population is getting older. But Farrell goes on to share his view that Americans are seeing a “demographically driven apocalypse,” by which he means that an aging population strikes fear in the general population. The fear they are experiencing is their own fear of retirement, the “disturbing economic and social picture of an aging population hurtling toward an inevitable decline in lifestyle.” His book then expands on his conviction that retirement is being reenvisioned as “unretirement,” which has as its premise “that a better-educated, healthier workforce can continue to earn an income well into the traditional retirement years.” His practical book should occupy prominent shelf space in the business collection.— Brad Hooper