This segment of the website will focus on managing money. You also won’t find any action plan for getting rich fast. I don’t believe anyone who says they have surefire money making quick formula anyway. Paying attention to the siren song of wealth with no money down is a certain path toward wasted time and lost money. I’m not a survivalist, either, fearful that tomorrow will be awful and the day after that even worse. I don’t understand putting every scrap of savings into gold and stockpiling food waiting for economic Armageddon. That’s no way to live.

My goal is to have a conversation about money and my emphasis is on simplicity, frugality, a margin of safety and meaning. My favorite personal financial planner is the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Intellectual historians often credit him with developing the idea of the good life, an examined life of meaning and purpose in contrast to merely getting by and gratifying immediate desires. Aristotle’s lectures were gathered together in the Nicomachean Ethics. It’s in his lectures that he expounds on his most famous idea: The Golden Mean. It’s that desirable although elusive middle between two extremes. The mean “lies between excess and deficiency,” says Aristotle.

The practical application of the golden mean is better known as a “margin of safety,” the bedrock idea of personal finance. A margin of safety perspective helps us understand the financial consequences of being wrong while taking advantage of opportunities.